online educational resources to help a struggling child

5 College Minors Ideal For Pediatric Nurse Majors

When choosing to go to college to start a career as a nurse, there are many specific fields that you can choose from. If you're interested in children and families, then your nursing degree can focus on various areas like pediatrics, family practitioners, or neonatal care. Along with those specific focuses, you can supplement your degree at a top nursing college with a minor that helps expand your skills and really thrive in the field. Read More 

How Music Makes A Difference In Early Childhood Learning

When you look at the things that young kids are exposed to on a daily basis, is it any surprise many children gravitate to music in early learning? From books with sing-alongs to cartoon theme songs, children are exposed to music of all kinds starting very early in life. In fact, songs are a powerful teaching tool for growing vocabulary, reinforcing concepts and even introducing life lessons. Here are some ways music helps make learning a success for young kids and things you can do to make the most of it. Read More 

2 Important Questions To Ask Your Child’s Preschool Teacher

By the time your child reaches preschool age, you might be looking forward to the extra free time you will have when they aren't at home. Instead of carefully evaluating schools and analyzing potential playmates, you might sign your child up for the program closest to your home, or zero in on the cutest classroom. However, ignoring some of the more important aspects of early learning might cause trouble later. Here are two important questions to ask your child's preschool teacher, and why you might thank yourself down the road: Read More 

Making Preschool A Success For Kids On The Autism Spectrum

Preschool is a key period of social development in which children learn to follow instructions and build basic academic skills, such as letters and numbers. For kids on the autism spectrum, that often means a bigger learning curve. If you have a child on the autism spectrum, you'll want to make an effort to talk with his or her teacher before school starts so that you can make sure that everyone has your child's best interests at heart. Read More 

The 4 Key Characteristics Of A Successful Airline Pilot

For many kids growing up, flying an airplane is one of their dreams. There's something about taking control over such an enormous machine and navigating it through the skies that appeals to a child's imagination. However, for many kids this dream goes away with time. If you're one of the select few that still holds on to this dream, you're going to need the four following characteristics to turn it into a reality: Read More 

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online educational resources to help a struggling child

Do you have a child that is struggling in school? Have you been looking for some way to give him or her a little more help than they offer in school? If so, it is time for you to consider opening your family up to online tutoring and educational resources. There are so many wonderful resources online for children of all ages. My son had struggled for the first half of the school year before I took the time to look into my online options to help him. I had found some great websites and resources that I have listed on my website. Hopefully, you can find your child the help he or she needs to reach the educational goals set this year.



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